It’s been a tough couple of weeks. I tweeted this the other day and it seems to have struck a new with several followers.


A few days before this tweet I read this Forbes article Keeping Talented Women in the Tech Workforce and I started to reflect on why women leave tech. I have considered leaving tech on several occasions over the years, more often when I was still new in my career, but every so often I think about it, especially after a few rough weeks. It’s not one big thing that makes me throw my hands in the air and yell “I quit!”. It’s the relentless little things that go on for weeks that have me thinking about leaving. To my managers and co-workers who are reading this, don’t worry I’m not going anywhere 😊.

My partner and I had a great discussion about this issue, and he joked that he could take all the comments I have made over the years and start a Twitter account.  What an awesome idea! But instead of creating a new Twitter account I’m going to use my own with the hashtag #WhyWomenLeaveTech. Every day I’ll post a stat, situation, comment, that I have seen, experienced or know to Twitter using the hashtag #WhyWomenLeaveTech.  That “little thing” that on its own is just a drop in the bucket, but it’s all those little drops that overflow the bucket. Please feel free to add in your personal “little things” or drops in the bucket.  I’ll record all of the comments and share those in the future.

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AZ-103 Study Guide

You may have heard by now, that AZ-100 and AZ-101 are being combined into one new exam, AZ-103. This blog post from Microsoft Learning explains the reasons for the change https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/community-blog-post.aspx?BlogId=8&Id=375217. The exam will be available on May 1, 2019. Now is a great time to start preparing for it and I have created a study guide to help you prepare for the exam. It’s nothing fancy but it does provide the links to the Microsoft content and my video’s on LinkedIn Learning for most of the objectives.

AZ-103 Study Guide

Good Luck!

AZ-100 Study Links…finally

I know I have been talking about pulling this together for weeks but with all the travel lately, time was a little short.

Please feel free to download and modify the Excel spreadsheet AZ-100 Study Guide to meet your needs. As I update my courses on LinkedIn Learning I’ll update the spreadsheet as well.


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List of Azure Training Links

Wow, where did the summer go?  It’s been a crazy few weeks recording and I finally have some time to catch-up on questions from learners. I am asked this question all the time “Can you provide additional training resources for Azure?” or something similar.  Instead of writing the same response over and over again, I finally put together a list.  You will notice that I have not included some other training companies but I’m sure you can find those resources on your own. Please leave me a message if I have missed any or if you have any great resources that you use for Azure training.



I will start with LinkedIn as it’s where I work and play.

We have two learning paths that contain several Azure courses by a number of instructors.

Become an Azure Cloud Administrator

Advance Your Skills as an Azure IT Administrator

Currently there are over 100 Azure courses in the LinkedIn library and it continues to grow.


Next on my list is Microsoft of course. There several Azure courses on Channel 9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy. If you are Microsoft Partner you can access Partner University for additional Azure training resources.


For those of you who enjoy a MOOC you will find several Microsoft Azure courses on edX.org.

Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft docs has become the go-to source for all Azure information. Microsoft has greatly improved the Azure documentation over the last few years. From tutorials to quickstarts to FAQs you’ll find it all here.


There are several books about Azure available. Here is search list from Amazon.ca. The one thing I would stress here it watch the date of the publication.  Azure is a moving target and Microsoft is always enhancing the functionality which means resources can become stale very quickly and it’s incredibly hard to keep up with books.

Have fun!



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Come Learn With Me

If you missed it earlier today, Microsoft announced a major overhaul to Azure exam 70-533.  For all the details see https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/community-blog-post.aspx?BlogId=8&Id=375147.

Luckily, if you already have the 70-533 exam under your belt, then you can take an upgrade exam, currently in beta.

I took exam 70-533 way back when it was first released and so much has changed since then. The Azure I use today is not the same Azure I am certified on. I’m happy that the exam has been overhauled, but this means I also have to take the upgrade exam.

If you are in the same boat that I am in then let’s learn together.  I have already put together the AZ-102 Upgrade Exam Study Guide based on the objectives. Feel free to download and modify it as you please. It’s nothing fancy but it will get you started. I’ll be posting what I have learned and creating fuller length articles for objectives that require a little more detail.

I’m currently recording a course based on this exam to help you upgrade your skillset. Stay tuned for the details on the release date. We are working hard to get it to you as soon as we can.

I have also created a LinkedIn Group where we can study and help each other. Please join me there as we tackle this exam together!


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Global Azure Bootcamp

One day a year user groups from around the world get together to learn and explore Azure.  This year Azure Bootcamp is on April 21st. There are currently 263 confirmed locations. Use this handy guide to find the location nearest you.

I’ll be speaking about Azure DevTest Labs at the Waterloo/Cambridge event and then heading down the 401 to the Microsoft Canada office for a repeat session.

Hope to see you there!



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Azure Backup – All Grown Up

I always will have a soft spot for Azure backup. You see when I was at Microsoft (contractor) I was focused on Server 2012 R2, but in my downtime, I had started to look at Azure backup as an alternative backup solution for my clients. When my manager asked if knew anything about Azure I directed him to my article on it Backing Up to Azure…it’s not that bad. That was way back in 2013, Azure was still a baby.  Azure backup has come a long way.

Azure backup can now protect:

Files and Folders

Azure Virtual Machines

Linux and Windows Systems

Hyper-V and VMWare Virtual Machines

System State

SQL Server, SharePoint and Exchange Workloads

Bare Metal

Azure FileShares

Azure SQL Database LongTerm Backup

In the coming weeks, my latest course will be released, and you’ll be able to see me protect various workloads using Azure backup. In the meantime, please share your Azure backup success stories using the hashtag #SuperHerosOfAzureBackup.

Updated 70-533 Study Guide

Thanks for pointing out I had missed 2 sections for exam 70-533 in my last study guide. I have updated the .xlsx with those objectives and links. Feel free to download and use for your own exam preparation. 533-Study Guide_Rev2

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IWD2018 – Another year followed by a stream of broken promises.

As a woman in Tech, I find this one of the most depressing days of the years. And this year more so because I have just wrapped up at an industry tech conference.

Companies, committees and organizers state: “we are changing things, it’s better and if something does happen it won’t be tolerated.” Personally, I call BS. Yes, it has gotten better. There is no doubt about that, but it hasn’t gone nearly far enough. The reality of it is, in 2018 I was still hugged, touched, hands-on back and arms over my shoulder by men I barely knew, if at all, this WEEK.  The Canadian MVPs are over 200 strong, I think it’s closer to the 250, and guess how many of them are women? 15. My fellow MVP listed us in a single tweet.

Jen tweet

There were so few women at this conference that the women’s washrooms were empty. I had the entire washroom to myself. Imagine a line of open stalls. It’s sad that the only time this happens is at STEM Conferences.

I was asked yesterday about how we can fix this. It’s a good question, and I don’t have the answer. But here is my list as a place to start in the workplace:

  1. Put more strong women on the stage. This week I only saw one woman take the stage to present. And by strong, I mean a woman who the others look at in the room and draw inspiration from.
  2. Showcase your female employees. I’m betting a lot of them have dealt with inequality in their profession and giving them a voice inspires others.
  3. To the women out there, if there an issue, report it. Companies cannot fix a problem they don’t know they have.
  4. HR, if an employee reports an issue, do something about it.
  5. For the men. Before you drape your arm over the women beside you, place your hand on her back, hold her elbow, give her a hug, etc. simply ask yourself this question “would I do the same thing to a male counterpart?”

This was not meant to pick on men.  I work with some amazing men who I admire and are huge advocates for women in STEM. I met several men this week who know there is an issue and are taking steps to a more inclusive environment, whether that is in the workplace, conference or IT User group etc.

This is not a woman problem nor is it a man problem it’s a people problem and one that we have to fix together.


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Azure FileShare Backup

Last week Azure announced FileShare Backup, which is just what it sounds like: it backups up your Azure File Shares. For a complete step by step see my LinkedIn article.

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