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Wrap Skirt For Chemo Patient

Normally I post a tech tip for the small business owner, but this week I will be changing the content. Please feel free to return next week for another tech tip if this of no interest.

A dear friend of mine has started chemo for bladder cancer. One of procedures after the two days of chemo is flushing the body by injecting saline solution. One of the side effects of having this much fluid (5 litres in 4 days) pushed into her body is water retention. She found it difficult to wear anything that could accommodate the “girth” and asked me to “whip up” a wrap skirt for her.

I have been sewing as a hobby for the last 10 years. I am in no way an expert or very talented, but I can sew a straight line (most of the time). When she asked me to make this, I thought this would be an easy little project. How hard could it be?

I had never made a wrap skirt and Googled it. I found how to make a basic wrap skirt, but I could not find any ideas or instructions to create one with my friends’ unique requirements. I hope my experience and design can help someone else.

She had asked for the skirt to be fleece, floor length, wrap around twice and fasten with Velcro. She is approximately 5’2” and currently weighs 117 pounds, but when injected with the additional fluid, her weight increases to 130 pounds. The skirt had to accommodate for this “growth” around the middle. To make this even more challenging, she lives in a different city, and I was unable to fit the skirt for her as I went.

Here are the instructions for the skirt. First I followed the instructions for wrap skirt from this forum http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=14880 see reply number 3. I made 4 Trapezoids and sewed them together to form a rectangle which measured 70” x 37”. I then hemmed the 2 shorter edges. I Zigzagged the top then folded over ¾” and stitched in place. Using myself as the model, I determined I would have to add Velcro to the beginning of the wrap. I needed to add this peice of Velcro on the inside othewise the skirt would slip because the double wrap around. I sewed a 6” piece of Velcro to one edge of the skirt then aligned the matching Velcro piece allowing the pieces overlapped on the first wrap. The 6” allows for adjustment either way. Once the first wrap locked in place I then determined where the second Velcro placement would be and again used a 6” piece to allow for adjustment.

A picture or two are worth a thousand words. I hope the pictures will help clarify the placement of the Velcro.

Right Side

Wrong Side

A picture of the completed skirt modeled by my daughter. She is about 20 pounds and 2 inches shorter, but you get the idea. I had her put a folded towel under shirt to simulate some weight.

Overall I am very happy with the final product. I met all the requirements my friend asked for, floor length, warm fleece and Velcro for fastening. The skirt only took a few hours to make and was easy.

She suggested one alternation; use one longer strip of Velcro going from end to middle.

Next time I would not choose a plaid pattern. I matched the pieces to the plaid but forgot the trapezoid pieces had to rotate which caused the stripe mis-alignment. I do not think my friend will mind. When I make another in the spring, I’ll choose a different fabric pattern.

I even had enough fabric to make a matching hat and shoulder wrap.

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  1. Dianne K.
    02/17/2011 at 9:36 pm

    I remember when you made this for your friend a while ago. Saw your posting and came to check it out. You did a beautiful job Sharon and your friend’s lucky to have you in her life :o)

    • 02/18/2011 at 7:04 am

      Thanks Dianne. I have been meaning to post this for weeks, finally got around to it. I hope someone else comes across it and it helps them.

  1. 02/17/2011 at 9:45 pm

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