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IT Pros and Questionable Media

Every IT Pro is asked to “share” music, movies, or software with a friend or a client. You may think that this is suitable service, but it is absolutely inappropriate. Whether you are asking for free software and/or licenses, illegal downloads, or not reporting prohibited material on your system, it is never acceptable. I have outlined three typical scenarios I have come across over the last 15 years.

  • Free software or licences

Sometimes we are asked to “lend” a license key, or provide a piece of software for any amount of time. We cannot offer copies of Microsoft Office, XP, Windows 7, or any paid software for that matter, even on a temporary basis. When we provide non-purchased software or operating systems, we are violating the ULAs (User License Agreements) of the vendor. Providing free software can jeopardize our standings with our authorized partners. These same companies can take hold of our industry certifications and/or terminate our partnership agreements. Possible legal action could even take place.

If money is an issue, there are many great open source alternatives to commercial versions of software, or operating systems. Osalt.com is an excellent provider for a variety of these programs.

  • Asking your IT Pro to download software or media for you

Yes, we are fully capable of obtaining various media, but we face the same consequences as providing “borrowed” software or licenses. In addition, our ISP could terminate our Internet access. Most of us would not jeopardize our careers by downloading pirated media for ourselves, let alone for a client, or a friend.

  • Reporting of illegal or prohibited material

As ethical IT Pros, if we come across material on your system that violates company policy, or is illegal, we are obligated to report it. We have heard “I don`t know how (fill in the blank) got on my system” a thousand times. It is one thing to be overwhelmed with inappropriate pop ups, but it is another to have intentionally installed illegal software, or other material on your system. Most IT Pros can guess if an ad was accidently clicked on, causing pop-ups; versus illegally downloaded media.

By asking your IT Pro to do any of the above, you are jeopardizing your IT Pros career. When your IT Pro does not download the latest unreleased movie for you, do not take it personally. We are protecting our careers and reputation. Please do not ask us.

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