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Why You Should Hire an Independent IT Professional

Bringing an IT Pro into your company can significantly improve your IT infrastructure and potentially increase your productivity. When you hire someone without the knowledge base or experience, you could be putting your company at risk. Asking a non-IT pro to configure any device could lead to security breaches. Hiring an IT Professional for your small business is not always affordable, and in most cases, not even necessary.

When you bring in your brothers friend, he or she may not have had the years of experience or qualifications to be handling your company data. I have seen this happen again and again. For example, an inexperienced individual has configured a router and has left the encryption set on WEP (WEP is easily cracked and is considered out-dated.) A knowledgeable IT Pro would know this, and use a more secure encryption method. Another example: the customer representative at your local “big-box” computer store has recommended an external drive for backups. This is excellent advice and highly endorsed, but an experienced IT Pro would suggest a more comprehensive backup strategy.

You should also choose an IT Pro you can trust. This is your business data, and you need to feel comfortable with whoever is managing it. A skilled IT Pro will allow you to be confident when they are working with your systems. Asking for certifications will ensure your consultant has the proper training to be working on your systems. A dependable IT Pro will ensure your systems are setup correctly and securely. He or she will help you develop a plan for your technical requirements. In most cases, a full-time, or even a part-time, IT Pro is unaffordable. A trustworthy IT Pro will be part of your team when required. This can save you money, but also ensures you systems are well looked after. Your IT Pro is there to work with your team, and advise on the best strategies for your company right now, and for the future.

Daily Tech Tip: An older piece of equipm

Daily Tech Tip: An older piece of equipment can be re-purposed for a shared file storage or backups.

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Daily Tech Tip: Keep your systems patche

Daily Tech Tip: Keep your systems patched. Patching fix bugs and errors that could leave you open to possible attacks.

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Daily Tech Tip – Put laser printers and

Daily Tech Tip – Put laser printers and photocopiers in well ventilated areas. Toner can be irritant in inhaled or handled incorrectly.

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Daily Tech Tip: Trust your IT Pro. If yo

Daily Tech Tip: Trust your IT Pro. If you don’t trust him/her then find someone you do trust.

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Fix Your Own Computer Issues: A Flowchart

All IT Pros hear “Help, my computer is not working,” on a regular basis.  In most cases, the user could solve their own issues by following a few simple steps.  Before calling your IT Pro, try the following steps in the flowchart below.  In the best case scenario, you fix your own issue, gain some IT know how, and save a few bucks.  Worst case scenario: you still have to call your IT Pro, but at least you have made the attempt.

If you still need to call in an IT Pro, it’s nice to provide a list of items you have already tried, when the issue started and if anything has changed.  The more information you can provide to your IT Pro, the less time they will need to spend troubleshooting.

In all cases ensure you have a backup of your data, just in case.

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