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Gym Change Room Rules According to Sharon

This is not my usual technical post.  But I am passionate about it.

I’ll start this by stating I am not a prude. I have no issues with nakedness, providing it’s not in my face. There are things that should be done at home, not in the company of complete strangers.

Here’s my list of gym change room rules.

1. You should never ever bend at the waist if your backside is facing the open area. There are some things that can never be unseen.

2. Shower curtains are there for a reason. No one wants to see you cleaning your bits.

3. The gym change room is not a spa. There is no reason to stand naked in front of mirror and put cream all over yourself. Especially it means bending over. See point 1.

4. Do not sit on the benches/stools without something on your backside. Really, other people sit there too.

5. Why do you need to be naked to blow dry your hair? Unless you are blow drying all your body hair and that’s just weird.

6. Is it necessary to have a conversation with someone while your naked. Towels are there for a reason. Grab one and at least pretend to show some modesty.

Looking forward to NOT seeing all you next time we meet in the gym change room.

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