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5 Easy Strategies to Help Protect Your Data


After many years in this industry I continually come across the same types of issues. Most of these issues, include someone else taking over an account or data loss. You can easily help protect your data with 5 easy strategies. By implementing these 5 steps you make it harder for your data to be compromised. Some points link to other more detailed blog posts. If you have any questions please contact your IT Pro for assistance, we are here to help you.

1. Configure and Secure Your Router

a. Locking down access to your network will prevent unwanted people from using your internet access, protect your data. See blog post Secure Your Router.

2. System Updates

a. Ensuring your systems are kept up-to-date keeps you systems current and safe from known exploits. See blog post System Updates.

3. Create strong passwords

a. Use a combination of uppercase, lowercase, and special characters for you passwords. See blog post Password Dos and Don’ts for more information.

b. Use a unique password for each device and website

4. Install anti-virus software (even on Macs).

a. Ensure the software is kept up-to-date to keep you safe from known virus attacks.

b. Configure your antivirus software to scan removable devices.

5. Backup Strategies

a. Use the 3-2-1 strategy for backing up data. 3 copies on 2 different medium such as USB, external harddrive or DVD. Always keep 1 copy off-site. See blog post Backups.

Take 15 minutes today and review these settings to ensure you are helping to keep your data safe and secure.

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