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Repair, Replace, or Reimage

This week, I did a favour for a friend, which I love to do, but I had a gut feeling that it wasn’t going to be as easy as anticipated. My friend desperately needed some technical support; her computer had been running slow for some time and it needed some TLC. Normally, I don’t deal with this type of call and would have handed it over to someone who enjoys and deals with operating system/program-type issues, but there were some underlying issues that she didn’t want to involve a 3rd party professional with.

When a computer is running “slow,” it could be for a number of reasons, including: viruses, malware, configuration, etc. The possibilities are endless, and trying to determine what the issue is can be the same as trying to find a needle in a haystack. 

Before asking your IT professional to fix this type of situation, ask yourself, “is it really worth it to spend the time and money to “fix” it? Or would a reload/reimage be the better option?”

Here are my top two things to consider before having somebody “fix” your slow-running system.


  • Does your IT professional charge you a flat rate, or is it hourly? Trying to fix system issues can take several hours, and if it came to it, would you be willing to pay the price?


  • As mentioned above, working through “issues” takes time. Removing programs, running antivirus scans, updating drivers, and all the reboots, quickly turns into several hours of downtime.

It may be faster and less expensive to restore the system to factory image, or re-install the operating system clean. Of course, this means you will need all your programs and license keys. But if you only have a few programs to load, and your data is backed up, you could be saving yourself hours of downtime and service fees, some of which may end up costing you more than buying a new system.

Before committing, talk to your qualified IT professional about the realistic cost of fixing a “slow system”.

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