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PowerShell – Making Computers Cool Again!

get-processWhen I was asked to develop the Canadian Samurai Series Webcast, I knew I had to include all the new and wonderful features of Server 2012 R2 specifically for SM. The one topic that we don’t cover in most of our technical readiness programs is PowerShell, and I knew had to include it as one of the modules.

I remember back in the day sitting in front of a system with only c:\ (command prompt) and making it do exactly what wanted it to do using the keyboard only. Mice were for wimps! Others would be amazed at how we knew all the commands and quickly and easily did what needed to be done – keyboard only. Like so many other sysadmins, I think it just became easier to use the GUI (graphical user interface), and as the younger techs came on board they only knew the GUI. I knew doing a session on PowerShell would force me to get back into “command” line and it was so worth it. Command line was cool and PowerShell made computers cool again.

For those of us who have a few years under our belts, and are familiar with DOS prompt, back in the day before a GUI, PowerShell will feel like an old Van Halen t-shirt. For those of you who have always worked with a GUI, or find the GUI friendlier, PowerShell is a tool that enables you to do your job faster and more effectively. As Server evolves, so do PowerShell commands and there are certain tasks that can only be managed using PowerShell rather than GUI.

Why not come join me Tuesday June 17th for a quick slice of PowerShell. I promise it won’t be as scary as Annie with a hatchet from Misery.

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