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New Microsoft Exam 70-535

Back in the fall of 2017, Microsoft announced that exam 70-534 would be retired at the end of 2017 and replaced with a new exam 70-535. After comparing the two exams I estimate about 80% of the content is the same.  Personally, I think the updates are needed.  If you are like me, an IT Pro, some objectives of exam 70-534 were not in the IT Pro wheelhouse.  For example, as IT Pros, I felt the objective Design Mobile Applications was out of place and I’m glad to see it reduced in the new exam. The new version also includes IoT and AI, both of which are growing in popularity and we as IT Pro’s need to understand how these services are integrated into our environments.

It was also announced that the Azure exams would now be updated every quarter, again, personally, I feel this is a great step forward. I know taking exams is not a fun experience but I take exams to keep current and increasing the cadence of the exams forces us to stay current and ensure who we hire also has the most up-to-date skill set.

To learn what is on the new exam you can view my course on Exam 70-535 First Looks on LinkedIn Learning or Exam 70-535 First Looks on Lynda.com. I have also included a study guide with all the objectives and associated links to help you prepare for this new Microsoft exam (see below for link). The guide is a simple Excel workbook and you will need to update it as the exam is updated.  I’ll also update this study guide as I prepare my upcoming courses as well as my own cert prep. If you prefer a OneNote version please email me and I’ll forward it along.

70-535 Study Guide

Good Luck on your Exam Prep!

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