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List of Azure Training Links

Wow, where did the summer go?  It’s been a crazy few weeks recording and I finally have some time to catch-up on questions from learners. I am asked this question all the time “Can you provide additional training resources for Azure?” or something similar.  Instead of writing the same response over and over again, I finally put together a list.  You will notice that I have not included some other training companies but I’m sure you can find those resources on your own. Please leave me a message if I have missed any or if you have any great resources that you use for Azure training.



I will start with LinkedIn as it’s where I work and play.

We have two learning paths that contain several Azure courses by a number of instructors.

Become an Azure Cloud Administrator

Advance Your Skills as an Azure IT Administrator

Currently there are over 100 Azure courses in the LinkedIn library and it continues to grow.


Next on my list is Microsoft of course. There several Azure courses on Channel 9 and Microsoft Virtual Academy. If you are Microsoft Partner you can access Partner University for additional Azure training resources.


For those of you who enjoy a MOOC you will find several Microsoft Azure courses on

Microsoft Documentation

Microsoft docs has become the go-to source for all Azure information. Microsoft has greatly improved the Azure documentation over the last few years. From tutorials to quickstarts to FAQs you’ll find it all here.


There are several books about Azure available. Here is search list from The one thing I would stress here it watch the date of the publication.  Azure is a moving target and Microsoft is always enhancing the functionality which means resources can become stale very quickly and it’s incredibly hard to keep up with books.

Have fun!



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