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Missing my slippers…but loving the heels

Please forgive my lack of updates lately, it’s been a crazy few weeks. As most of you know, I am working with Microsoft Canada and it’s been a great ride. I have the opportunity to learn about new server technologies at a relaxed pace, instead of the “a client needs this done right now” scenario.

I love meeting new people and basically being able to “geek out” all day. Okay, I don’t get to geek out too much at the office, but I do when I’m working with partners and distributors. I’m still trying to find my way, both in the position and around the building. I have only gotten lost once, but I do tend to end up in a cubby I didn’t expect to be in. I only realized my manager in on a different floor than me last week when I went looking for someone else.

I do miss my jammies and my mid-afternoon nap, but it’s so worth it.

Thanks for forgiving my delay, and now that I have gotten back into the swing of full-time employment, I will get back into posting on a more regular basis.

From Jammies to Bathing Suits: My First Step at the 4-Hour Work Week

ImageIf you are familiar with me or my blog, you know that I am a huge fan of my jammies (my blue flannel ones are my favorite). I am also a firm believer in working remotely, and I don’t believe going to an office is always necessary. I regularly help my clients develop solutions that enables them to take extended vacations, but still be productive and a part of the office. I show them that we have a variety of options to all them to work remotely and securely so they do not have to sacrifice their jammies or bathing suits in order to work when necessary.

When I setup my small business clients, I always try to incorporate a secure method of remote access for me to access their systems. For my clients with Small Business Server, I use Remote Web Access (included in the server); for others, Logmein (if I have to); and I am now trying Microsoft Intune with a handful of clients. I believe that if I do my job right, my clients should very rarely see me. I can usually resolve most issues from the comfort of my home office, or any other location, using my laptop and phone. The only time I really need to be on-site is for hardware issues, which rarely happens.

Last year, I became so comfortable with not being “physically available,” that I went with my daughter on a school trip for 3 days. The facility had Wi-Fi and I was able to work when necessary. This spring, I am going to take another step toward a work-life balance, and I’ll be taking my children to Cuba for a vacation. I think most of us have read (or at least heard of) Tim Ferris’ book, “The Four Hour Workweek” and dream of being able to work from wherever, whenever. In my last full-time position, I had the privilege to travel for business on a regular basis and kept in touch with the office very easily.  This will be the first time I will have worked for my own clients while enjoying a vacation.

This week-long trip will be my first step at becoming able to really balance work and family. In preparation for the trip, I ensured Wi-Fi would be available, as this is key to being productive without incurring additional costs; connecting via my phone provider will cost me a fortune. I’ll take a netbook (leaving my laptop at home), and access all required documents, and etc. via cloud storage. This means that if my netbook is lost, stolen, or damaged; all my personal and client files will not be compromised. My phone will be packed just in case I really need to get Internet or make a call to a client, but more importantly, I really hope to get 3 stars on each level of Star Wars Angry Birds while getting a nice healthy dose of Vitamin D.

It will be nice to be able to use my experience to assist my clients in achieving a work-life balance of their own.

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