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The Rollercoaster That Was 2013

I feel I owe you, dear reader, an explanation for my absence lately. 2013 was a big year….with so many ups and downs it was hard to know if I was coming or going. 2013 was the year of change. The rollercoaster ride started in the Spring, for every professional up, and there were lots, there was also a private low. And as the ups got bigger, such as joining the Microsoft team, the lows got lower. I could’ve let the lows drag me down, but instead I took every high and rode it higher, and in doing so I discovered a strength in myself that I forgot I had.

The Leviathon

Here are some of my professional accomplishments of 2013:

  • Nominated and awarded the BizTech 50 Must-Read IT Blogs of 2013 professionally
  • Joined Microsoft via an agency (I have to put that in there) and absolutely loving my position. Stay tuned for all the awesome stuff that is coming your way.
  • Nominated for an MVP award
  • Guest blog post on CanIT Pro blog had an awesome reach
  • My blog view soared like never before
  • Made and rediscovered some great new friends

And for every one of these highlights, there was a personal low that followed. As the year closed, so did the ups and downs of the rollercoaster ride.

2014 started on a major high, I was awarded the Microsoft Valuable Professional award, but as has become the pattern, this has to be followed by a low, and there is one more low to come. By the end of January, I expect the rollercoaster ride to level itself out a bit more.

2014 is going to be a great year, it’s going to be my year…and if you have stayed with me so far, thank you, and I looked forward to having you join me on as I soar to new heights.

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