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Thanks for the Support!!

Way back in August, when it was warm outside, a dear friend called to tell me my blog (this one) had been nominated for BizTech top 50 Must-Read IT blogs. I was honestly shocked! If you follow my blog, you know that I, for the most part, write about what I come across at clients’ and what I do to help them. I don’t consider this very exciting, but I do try to keep it fun and light, and I don’t consider it very technical compared to the other nominees. My goal is to help small business, that’s it! Whether it’s by introducing a new technology or reworking an existing one, I want my clients to be happy and confident in their technology, and make sure that their data is safe and secure. I hope by writing about what I have done, maybe someone else can use the same tip or trick and help their clients as well. 

Thanks to all of you who voted, I made the final list. This wouldn’t have been possible without the awesome clients I have and the support of my friends and family. 

Must-read IT Blog
BizTech’s 2013 Must-Read IT Blogs

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#3 and a Huge Thanks!

Thanks to all of you who downloaded Nuts and Bolts of Social Media for Business.  Your downloads have made this release #3 in Sales and Selling as of this morning!   Let’s keep the momentum going and see if we can raise it higher both in this category and in free downloads.  If you liked it, a quick review on Amazon would be very much appreciated.

Here’s the link to download and review section

Amazon Ranking

Amazon Ranking

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